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c2n.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Interface definitions related to the Commodore C2N storage format
Marko Mäkelä (msmakela@nic.funet.fi)

Definition in file c2n.h.

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typedef unsigned(* pulse_error_t )(unsigned pe, unsigned block, unsigned pos)
typedef void(* pulse_w_t )(enum pulse p)


enum  c2n_tag {
  tBasic = 1, tDataBlock = 2, tML = 3, tDataHeader = 4,
  tEnd = 5
enum  pulse { Pause = 0, Short, Medium, Long }
enum  pulse_error {
  Parity = 4, Checksum, NoFirst, NoSecond,
  LongBlock, ShortBlock, Unexpected, Mismatch,


enum pulse(* pulse_r_t )(void)
unsigned verbose

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